Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Dying Bride - Studio update

I was lucky enough to speak to Aaron from My Dying Bride last week and he gave me a quick heads up on progress of the new album.  Although no title has been confirmed the writing process is 99% complete and nearly ready for mixing.

Feedback can not wait to hear the album and look forward to hearing from the Doom giants soon. Album is due later this year. When asked what themes influenced the new record Aaron said 'Love, death, misery, hatred, religion, tragedy and more misery...oh yes, and a lot of doom!'  Sounds good to us!

Also, watch out for my upcoming interview with Aaron in the coming weeks, exclusively on Feedback.

Andrew Craighan - Guitar Hero

Masters at work

Hamish Glencross

Shaun Taylor-Steels

Aaron Stainthorpe - A true master of his craft

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