Saturday, 7 July 2012

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Nadir - Review

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace

Nadir is a dark, frighteningly heavy album that could be the soundtrack to the apocalypse.  This is a journey, which is best listened to as a whole album instead of a collection of songs.

Opening track 'Dusk' is a fast paced behemoth that screams along relentlessly.  The drumming is quite simply, outstanding and Steve Smith makes perfect use of the ride cymbal.  Also, check out some ferocious double-bass work on ‘Embracing Null’.

'Throatless Sirens' is another king sized slab of brutal heaviness crammed into 9 minutes of pure metal bliss!  Despair fuelled anger from vocalist Blake Simpson is unsettling yet impressive in that it grabs your attention and leaves you feeling shaken, but in a good way!

Title track 'Nadir’ is a stirring number, with muffled conversation that works really well, before the drums burst into gear and lift the song to an entirely new level.

The album could benefit from a fatter bass sound, I would have preferred to have a bit more crunch from the four-strings to compliment the drumming more.  In the words of the great Nigel Tufnel, ‘Turn it up to eleven guys’!  I am sure this would not be the case in a live setting. 

Willowtip records have unearthed a real gem of a band in this Australian quartet, if you have not checked them out, then do so now.  You will not regret it. 


  1. Just one correction....Dan Grainger is just the live drummer, and did not perform on the album....According to the booklet Steve Smith performed all drums on the album. Apart from that, a great CD, a really bold departure from their old death grind stuff.

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