Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fatum Elisum - Homo Nihilis

French five piece Fatum Elisum are heavily influenced by early doom death metal.  Originating from Rouen, they have produced a very good piece of work in 'Homo Nihilis'.

Opening with chilling chants on 'Pulvis et umbra sumus' and waste little time in breaking into 'Pursuit of sadness', one of the standout tracks on the seventy minute record.

'The twilight prophet' however, overstays it's welcome somewhat. Some would disagree, however, clocking in at over twenty minutes, it is easy to lose interest.

There are flashes of brilliance again on 'Homo Nihilis', which echoes My Dying Bride  on 'The Dreadful Hours'. EndE also samples excellent use of American pulp-era author R.E. Howard's poem 'The Last Hour'.

Vocalist EndE has obviously had a huge input into this album. He  is instrumental to the band, providing all lyrics and paintings (all visually stunning) which feature in the accompanying inlay booklet. However, his voice does not yet carry the bands sound on a consistent scale.

Hopefully on their next release his voice will be able to carry more weight for the group. If they get that right, then they will be unstoppable!

Album available on Aesthetic Death


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