Friday, 18 May 2012

Eibon - Self titled

Here at Feedback, we believe in reviewing music that is stonkingly good, regardless of it's release date!

  The fact that this release is not Eibon's latest should by no means be disregarded by prospective fans.

This self-titled release from French doom outfit Eibon incorporates elements of Triptykon and an obvious influence of classic Crowbar.

First track 'Asleep and Threatening' is a depressive slab of classic doom, it climaxes like a right hook to the temple, a stirring opener.

Things go from great to exceptional on second number 'Staring At The Abyss'. An altogether chilling acoustic intro leads to fist-pumping bliss, enjoyed best in a dimly lit room.  This ain't for fans of glam-rock!

The most important thing to point out about Eibon is that they get better after each spin of the disc, therefore it is not always accessible from the off.

This genre has a lot of bands with superb cataloges of work that deserved to be heard, but time is what is needed to get the most enjoyment from this release. 

As the saying goes, 'the best things come to those who wait'

Find Eibon at Aesthetic Death


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