Thursday, 12 April 2012

Long Distance Calling - Interview 2012

German quintet Long Distance Calling are currently between records.  Following the success of 2011's self-titled release, I spoke to bassist Jan Hoffman about what they have in-store for the new album and who he would love to collaborate with in the future.

Gerry Gilroy: 
How would you describe Long Distance Calling to listeners?
We are a mainly instrumental rock band with a lot of atmosphere and a big portion of rock attitude at the same time.

How did the band form?
Well, we met the first time in 2006 to do some jam sessions and we felt that this will be more than just this so we quickly became a real band and started touring and recording albums.

What message do you want to get across to followers of Long Distance Calling?
There´s no real message, people should have space for their own thoughts while listening to our music. If there´s a message it´s just the message of musical freedom beyond boring structures.

What are the main values that the band has?
One of the most important values is that we only write songs that we are able to play live. We are a live band, that´s why we are doing this band, we just love to play and perform .

The New Album

What plans have you got in store for the new album? 
Well we just started working on some ideas and we are currently thinking about how we can put this together, the next album will be a big step for us. We will probably record in September/October so we try to focus on this from now on to write the best possible songs.

Have you any confirmed guest appearances?
Yes we do but we want to keep it a secret J

Who would you like to collaborate with, if you could choose anyone?
Everyone in the band got a different musical taste so everyone would tell you something else. I guess one of the few that all of us would agree on would be David Gilmour, I guess J


Do you have any pre-show routine?
No, not really. We just sit and wait, drop off the jacket and go on stage, that´s it. Maybe a high five before we enter but that´s all….

What song is your favourite to play live?
For me, personal, it´s “Arecibo”, “Into The Black Wide Open” and “Metulsky Curse Revisited”

Where was the best gig you played?
Hu, that´s a tough question. We played a lot of good shows but I guess the Show at Rock am Ring (2008) and our record release shows (February 2011) were just awesome. We also had a great show in London as support of Protest The Hero. Nobody knew about us before the show but we managed to win a lot of the crowd, it was just very very energetic.

What was your most memorable tour moment?
For me as a person it was meeting Chino Moreno of Deftones when we played with them. I am a big Deftones fans since a loooong time and this was just great. And also playing Rock an Ring of course as well as our first sold out headline show. Keep it coming J

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