Friday, 20 April 2012

Ilenkus - Rule by Thieves

Formerly known as FUBAR, Ilenkus are flying the flag for metal in Ireland yet again. Since renaming in 2010, the Galway quintet has built a loyal following and are re-cementing their place in Irish metal history.  They are the best thing to come out of Galway in quite some time.

On the first listen to 'Rule By Thieves' it is easy to immediately think of Atlanta behemoths Mastodon.  Not a bad comparison, right?  With complex, interchanging riffs and wide ranging vocals these guys should be bigger than they are.  Vocals are carried out by three of the band members and they all sound unique in their own way.

Things get going nicely with opener 'The Jig', six and a half minutes of aural ferociousness and swirling riffage.

Second track 'Kleptocracy', undoubtedly has a Mastodon feel to it and is one of the strongest tracks on the album.  Other highlights include 'Pompeii (The Butcher)' and 'Cerebral Anomaly'.
A special mention is necessary for drummer Rory Guyett, who shines throughout.

The biggest downfall on 'Rule By Thieves' is unfortunately the heaviness.  The guitars do not sound loud or crunchy enough and when listening through your sound system, you might be just a little disappointed that they didn't turn them up to eleven. However it must be said that, this is still an incredibly impressive debut and one that I can't recommend enough to new listeners.

Remember the name and check them out at the link below. 


Gerry Gilroy

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