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Die Pretty - Interview, April 2012

Die Pretty are a female-fronted power pop/rock group, hailing from Brooklyn, New York.  You may be familiar with this quartet, they featured in Music Connection Magazine’s list of Top 100 unsigned bands, 2011.  
Next month sees the release of their second full-length album "Beyond Fate" via Global Creative. This week, I caught up with lead vocalist and bassist Sarah Orloff, and asked her about what her influences are and how she prepares for each live performance.

Gerry Gilroy:
Tell me about your influences?
Sarah Orloff:
I was influenced at a young age by Southern California punk bands and also by my father who’s a blues musician.  He still influences me to this day as well as some great bands.

How did you get into music?
I grew up in a musical family.  My father was the lead singer and bass player in a band so he inspired me to play bass. I also was introduced to a lot of great bands at a young age and really looked up to those musicians. I too wanted to be up on that stage one day!

How would you describe Die Pretty to prospective listeners?
Die Pretty is a female-fronted power pop/rock group!  Our songs are catchy and anthemic and make the listeners want to join in and sing along!  We have a powerful live show and were named as one of the top live bands of the year in Music Connection Magazine

So, how did the band form?
The band formed a couple years back when I and my brother Sal were writing songs together.  We needed a drummer and guitar player to make the lineup complete so we put an ad online.  We found Tommy and Jonathan and they both fit the bill well! Die Pretty was born!

What message do you want to get across to your listeners?
We strive to send meaningful messages out to our listeners in all of our songs, whether it’s about a particular experience someone went through or an issue in society. We want the listener to be able to relate to the lyrics and bring it back to their own experiences. We want to inspire them and give them hope.

What are the bands values?
We want to make music that moves and inspires people!

Do you have any pre-show routine?
As a band we always try to pump each other up right before we go on and wish each other luck.  I do some vocal runs as well to warm up my voice.

What song is your favourite to play live?
Our fav song to play live is Voices.  It’s really fun to play and seems to always get the crowd moving!

Where was the best gig you played?
The best gig was at Arlene’s Grocery in our hometown of New York City for our album release show. We had one of the biggest crowds that we’ve ever played for and they really loved the live show!  We had a mosh pit and fans holding up signs for us which were very flattering. Overall it was a success!

Beyond Fate is out May 21st, 2012

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