Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Savage Messiah - Plague of Conscience

The third full-length offering from London's Savage Messiah is by far their strongest to date.

Currently available as a free download from Earache's website, http://www.earache.com/savagemessiah this is definitely not an album to be missed and is surely a pace-setter for album of the year.

Things kick off swimmingly with title track, "Plague of Conscience". A relentlessly fast paced song that grows on you after each listen. Driven on by vocalist Dave Silver, who boasts a shriek reminiscent of the great Rob Halford.

The slick production marries modern metal perfectly with classic NWOBHM in a short sharp melodic shock.
Drivers beware, this record will make you want to break the speed limit!

Stand out tracks include "Six Feet Under The Gun", which has a glorious, fist pumping chorus. And the thunderous stomp of "Carnival of Souls".

Most importantly, these songs sound just as strong live, having toured the UK last year with label-mates Evile. Catch them live now!

Gerry Gilroy


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