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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Switchblade - Switchblade - Review

Scandinavian sludge/drone metal stalwarts Switchblade make a monumental return with the release of their sixth self-titled album.  Following the departure of bassist Anders Steen back in 2010, the Swedes are now performing as a duo with Johan Folkesson on guitar and Tim Bertilsson on skins.  This has certainly been well worth the wait.

The album consists of three barnstorming tracks that clock in just short of the forty minute mark, so rest assured there is plenty of audio to feast upon.  All three are cogitated well and don’t outstay their welcome. Stand-out track ‘Movement II’ is the pick of the bunch with a tar thick sludge groove that strides along at a menacingly slow pace.

Considering there are only three tracks, there is an unusual amount of guest appearances on the album.  Of the four, the most notable is Lord Seth AKA Jonas Renkse of Katatonia who provides growled vocals.  This is a real treat for fans as he has barely recorded any vocals in this style for the greater part of twenty years now.  The man himself was thrilled with the results, talking on the official Switchblade site he said: “Feels great to drag myself down the winding memory lane and be part of something extremely dark and doomy. No frills, just proudly loud and slow”.  Also making an appearance are Per Wiberg (Candlemass) on Hammond organ, whilst The Cuckoo (Terra Tenebrosa)  and David Johansson (Kongh, The Eternal Void) both provide further support on vocals.

The album is penciled in for a release on 21st September 2012 via Denavoli records.

DENOVALI SWINGFEST - October 2012 - Free Sampler Download

In early October the label DENOVALI RECORDS will host their Experimental Music Festival called DENOVALI SWINGFEST for the 5th time. The festival will happen on October 5th, 6th and 7th 2012 in the WeststadtHalle Essen in Germany – the label invited 21 artists from 12 different countries including for example Murcof (mex), Moritz von Oswald Trio (ger/ fin), Philip Jeck (uk), Hidden Orchestra (uk), Bersarin Quartett (ger) or A Winged Victory For The Sullen (usa). You can find the complete lineup further below. All artists are playing a full set.

To introduce the people to the performing artists denovali offers a 30 tracks free download sampler here

FESTIVAL: Denovali Swingfest · Experimental Music Festival
DATES: Friday October 5 - Sunday October 7 2012
VENUE: Weststadthalle Essen · Germany
30 Tracks FREE DOWNLOAD Sampler + Festival Info / Ticket Preorder:

Festival Flyer

Festival Facebook Event

2012 LINE-UP

A Winged Victory For The Sullen (USA)
Heirs (Australia)
A Dead Forest Index (Australia)
Oneirogen (USA)
Philip Jeck (UK) + Lecture of Mike Harding (Touch Music) (UK)
Achim Mohné (Germany)
Dominic (Norway)

Moritz Von Oswald Trio (Germany / Finland)
Bersarin Quartett (Germany)
Blueneck (UK)
The Nest (Germany)
Year Of No Light (France)
Thisquietarmy (Canada)
The Pirate Ship Quintet (UK)

Murcof (Mexico)
Hidden Orchestra (UK)
Carlos Cipa (Germany)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief (Germany)
Saffronkeira (Italy)
Switchblade (Sweden)
N (Germany)


Since 2007 the label Denovali Records from Germany curates and organizes a three days music festival called Denovali Swingfest. Focussed on experimental music the lineup offers a wonderful opportunity to discover a wide range of international denovali artists live and is rounded off by various renowned unlabeled guest artists. A hallmark of the festival is the renunciation of the headliner principle: all artists are receiving the same attention - the length of each artist's concert is equal. In addition to the musical program the festival features yearly changing specials like an experimental film cinema, installations or lectures. In the past years artists like Sunn O))), Tim Hecker, Hauschka, Mouse On The Keys, Hidden Orchestra, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Bohren und der Club Of Gore, Thomas Köner, Bersarin Quartett or Nadja found a place in the lineup.

In 2012 the festival takes place in the Weststadt Halle Essen, Germany on October 5th, 6th and 7th. The label this year presents amongst others the Moritz von Oswald Trio, Murcof, Philip Jeck, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Hidden Orchestra, Bersarin Quartett and the Kammerflimmer Kollektief. In total 21 artists from 12 different countries.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Lycanthia signs with Hypnotic Dirge Records

Lycanthia  - Oligarchy
Lycanthia, the gothic death-doom six piece band hailing from Sydney, Australia has signed a deal with Hypnotic Dirge Records to re-release their latest full-length album "Oligarchy" which was previously self-released by the band earlier this year. Active since 1996, Lycanthia has previously released a full length album in 1999 entitled Myriad, as well as an EP in 2006 entitled Within the Walls. Meanwhile, the band has remained a constant touring band in Australia well regarded for its live shows and professional sound.

Incorporating many diverse influences in their music,  Lycanthia continues the sound  found in the early "golden age" works of classic gothic doom bands Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, My Dying Bride, and The Sins of thy Beloved, while also adding more aggressive and traditional-doom influences. Unique to the sound of Lycanthia is the use of dual female vocals provided by violinist Vanessa Black, and keyboardist Megan Robins, which is contrasted by the powerful male vocals from bassist and founding member Lee Tassaker.

The latest album, "Oligarchy", mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Katatonia), has already received many positive reviews and recognition in underground circles around the world. The album is available to order directly from the band from Lycathia's official website. The Hypnotic Dirge re-release is planned for early 2013 in digipack format. In the meantime, the track 'Forgone' is available for streaming at the links below.

Lycanthia is:
Lee Tassaker - Bass and Vocals
Vanessa Black - Violin and Vocals
Megan Robins - Keyboards and Vocals
Stephen Mikulic - Guitars
Mathew Newton - Guitars
Lachlan Donaldson - Drums



Official website

Friday, 17 August 2012

Archaic Winter - Demon - Review

Archaic Winter - Demon

‘I Am The New Antichrist’ is a ferocious blast with infectious riffing from backed up by great drumming, with impressive blast beats.  Easily one of the strongest tracks on the extended play.  The anger driven style produced by this duo is something that is really impressive.

Vocally, Archaic Winter is impressive.  Luis is able to effortlessly change styles during songs and has a frighteningly deep demonic growl, that sends shivers down the spine.

The guitars which sound powerful, loud and thick are performed by ‘Sorrows Quest’ AKA Gregory Maupin, who also handles axe duties in Death Metal trio Agony Divine.

On the downside, the artwork is a big let-down, and they would surely benefit from injecting some time and money to rectify this problem.

Although this is undoubtedly an impressive release, there is still some work to be done by Archaic Winter, however they are definitely on the right track, as the aforementioned ‘I Am The New Antichrist’ and closing track ‘New World Chaos’ clearly show bundles of promise and creatively the pair feed off each other extremely well.  Surely the next release will deliver an even more impressive slab of death metal intensity, only time will tell.

Demon is available now via Metabolic Records

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Horseback - Half Blood - Review

Horseback - Half Blood

Half Blood is the fourth full length release from North Carolina's Horseback.  Rich in numerous layers, this is undoubtedly the strongest release to date from Jenks Miller.  The album was recorded at The Chateau, in the band's hometown of Chapel Hill, various instruments make an appearance including piano, bells, keys and signal processors, collectively accumulated in a bewildering wall of sound.

‘Mithras’ kicks off proceedings with a simple yet highly effective bass-line. Miller's style of singing has also taken impressive strides for the better, with a manic ferocious vocal performance that is one of his many talents.  Miller expertly portrays a reckless fury that is seamlessly interwoven to each song without overshadowing the rest of the albums sound.

Half Blood spans several genres with great ease. The stoner style approach of drumming on 'Ahriman' is crisp and refreshing. Also, there is a range of moods that Half Blood emanates.  The dream like crawl of 'Inheritance (The Changeling)' highlights the broadness of the group's overall sound.

‘Hallucigenia I: Hermetic Gifts’ and ‘Spiritual Junk’ are the strongest of the Hallucigenia trilogy, tracks that close the album.  These three songs show Miller in a more reflective and sombre mood, much like the aforementioned ‘Inheritance’ compared to the more post metal fury on the first half of the record.

The artwork by Russian symbolist artist Denis Forkas is incredibly striking and sets the mood perfectly.  His work is perfect for Miller’s take at psychedelic drone.  Believe the hype, this is a true gem of an album.

Half Blood is available now via Relapse Records.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Locrian - The Clearing / The Final Epoch STREAMING NOW!

The Clearing / The Final Epoch, the first release by experimental, dark ambient / noise trio LOCRIAN on Relapse Records, is now streaming in its entirety via Cvlt Nation HERE, The recording, previously only available on vinyl, will be released on August 14th as a 2CD/Digital Deluxe album with a bonus disc containing almost an hour of previously unreleased material. This deluxe reissue, housed in a gorgeous mini “tip-on” gate-fold package is available or pre-order now via Relapse at this location and iTunes here.   

The song “Chalk Point” from The Clearing side of the collection is also currently available for free download via RCRD LBL here.  

LOCRIAN, located in Chicago, IL and Baltimore, MD has released over 20 recordings on an eclectic array of labels in their relatively short but prolific career, including a recent split with label-mates HORSEBACK.  Additionally, the group plan to enter the studio later this year for their full-length Relapse debut.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Vanyar - Interview

Italian Symphonic/Gothic metallers Vanyar have only been together for over a year but are quickly making a name for themselves amongst fans of the genre.

Originating from Cosenza in southern Italy, the six-piece are made up of Luigi Conte - Guitar, Nicola De Rose – Guitar, Federica De Rose - Vocals, Valerij Magli - Bass/Vocals, Giorgio Belluscio - Keyboards, Giuseppe Nardelli - Drums.

I took a moment to catch up with keyboardist Giorgio Belluscio to talk about how this relatively young group of musicians are enjoying life in Vanyar.

Considering you have only been together for over a year, you have built up a strong following.  What can we look forward to with the upcoming album?

First of all, we are happy with the work we have done so far and the positive reviews we have received about our first release; on the next album we will try to continue on the same musical vein with some theme variation to improve ourselves based also on the reviews we received. The production of the next album is still at the beginning and we hope to make our fans happy with our new work next year.

What themes does you write about?

Our themes are inspired by fantasy, literary and mythological characters (for example: Tolkien’s universe) that sometimes are intertwined and reflect our reality.
On “In Love & Death”, however, we tried to demonstrate how the gap between imagination and reality is weak. We can anticipate that in our next album the themes will change and be based more on reality than imagination, using this time mythological characters of our creation, and it will be for the audience to decide if we are talking of reality or not.

Can you tell me about the recording process the band uses?

When our first album went out, we had the pleasure to work with Kami Plastick (a.k.a. Camillo Copat), a serious and reliable person, known in the international metal audience. The production of “In Love & Death” was made using two methods: in digital and analogical recording environments. We must say that by using the two techniques together for the first time (at least for us) the result is not bad at all!

Why do you choose to sing in English, instead of your native language?  Is this more difficult for the band to work together?

We have chosen to express our lyrics in English for two reasons: the first is because in this way we have the possibility to cater for and care about the massive and exciting international metal audience, and the second because of rhythmic issues. Sometimes it is difficult to work in an environment which is different from our native language, but this can allow us to grow up, musically and culturally.

Are you working with a producer on the new material?  If so, do you like to be pushed, or do you feel like you know exactly what you need to achieve with each song?

Now we are independent, but are always in search of a competent and professional producer who can help us create new material according to the most advanced sounds and trends. But we will always continue to work according to what we feel reflects our ideas and sound best, and we hope we will be able to find a person who will understand and will help us develop our ideas.

Who is the person that pushes the rest of the group?

Let’s say there’s not a leader as such, but we have learnt to work together and assign responsibilities according to our respective talents and availability. It goes without saying that sometimes somebody does more work than others, but in the end the overall results are what really counts and we are fine with it.

Any plans for touring the UK?

We would be happy to play everywhere, we also have friends in the UK and all around the world, but because of the limited budget we are very cost conscious.

Who would be your ideal touring partners be?

Of course we would be pleased to work with famous artists of our genre and with technicians who are able to play and deal with a metal event in a professional way.

What message have you for your fans?

We thank them for supporting us during this time, and we invite them to follow us on our next shows: the Vanyar adventure is only at the beginning!



Saturday, 11 August 2012

Epitimia - Faces of Insanity

Epitimia - Faces of Insanity

Epitimia are a three piece group originating from St.Petersburg, Russian Federation with quirky named band members A, K and M.  They play atmospheric black metal tinged post-rock with raw aggression and enthusiasm. Together since 2008, this is now their third full length and first to be released through Hypnotic Dirge Records. It is naturally, a far more mature release than debut album ‘To the non-existing shades...’ and its predecessor ‘Four Truths of the Noble Ones’.

The overall running theme of Faces of Insanity is that of the main character’s unbearable struggle and suffering at the hands of a mental illness.  ‘Epikrisis I - Altered state of consciousness’ is a powerful fusion of melancholy and black metal fury, opening with some neat 80’s style riffing from guitarist A who handles guitar duties extremely comfortably, his palette is impressive in that he pulls melodies and styles from a number of genres with ease, a truly gifted musician.

Even though the lyrics are all in Russian, titles like ‘Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy’ and ‘Epikrisis II: Intrusive Thoughts’ translate well musically, especially when you hear the fury in the voice of vocalist K.

There is an abundance of ideas on Faces of Insanity and a surprisingly broad sound from a three-piece act that are still relatively in the infancy of their careers.  It is beautifully brought together with the strikingly, beautiful artwork which is fittingly provided by fellow Russian artist Jonathan Strange.

Faces of Insanity is available now via Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Murkrat - Drudging The Mire

Drudging The Mire

Hailing from New South Wales, Australian duo Murkrat have been receiving a lot of encouraging feedback of late from fans Worldwide.  Released through Aesthetic Death back in 2011, this second helping from the pair, led by singer - Mandy Andresen is 8 songs of unforgiving, aural brilliance. Murkrat, conjure sounds of depression and hopelessness and deliver it all in such a fantastically placid way, that I have not heard done better as of yet.

‘I, Rodent’ is nine and a half minutes of disturbing and chilling gloom, backed by fuzzed guitars and erratic keyboard licks. 

The aforementioned Andresen performs all guitars, bass and keyboards for Murkrat yet she has also been kept busy performing vocals and keyboards with country mates The Slow Death.

‘Faceless’, continues on much the theme set out by its predecessor.  A sludgy, Gothic eeriness that yearns for you to join the procession is laid before the listener.  Make no mistake, this is not an easy listen by any stretch of the imagination, however this does not mean it is a bad one.  On the contrary, Murkrat have delivered a very good record in Drudging the Mire, it needs time to be appreciated, but the rewards are rich.  Andresen effortlessly draws you into her dire and haunting bleakness.  Taking you with her on every step of her sorrowful journey, all the while backed by the simplistic, stripped down thuds of Neil Dyer on drums.

Here Dyer delivers exactly what is required of him, complementing the brilliance of Andresen’s wretched miserableness.

‘World’ certainly stirs the senses, a fitting halfway point to the record.  Whilst, ‘The Mighty Spires’ is yet another remarkable high-point of note, surging forth slowly like a wounded animal, that fails to understand the meaning of defeat.

Overall, a terrific record and one that has will keep the neighbours complaining for months.

Drudging The Mire is available now through Aesthetic Death.